Launch Announcement: Pints and Pixels Meetup With Top Product Experts

by on August 1, 2017 2:50 am
Are you someone who has a lot of unique product ideas ready to market, but have few ways to network to discuss trends? It’s often discouraging to link up with people in the industry without having to spend a fortune attending a large product development conference. While these are still beneficial, it’s a lot more challenging to link up with influential individuals there who can advance your career. It’s often better to network with people in your local community for quality time discussing the latest trends in product development. Plus, it’s beneficial to meet more than once so you keep the networking going. Those of you in the Austin, Texas area can find such a group through Pints and Pixels. Here’s a look at this meetup I founded earlier this year for people like you.

Who Can Benefit From Joining Pints and Pixels?

I designed this networking group for technology execs, product experts, developers, designers, marketers, and strategists to create good conversation without selling. The intention is to meet Fridays at the Moontower within their beautiful outdoor space for a cool drink and discussions about the products industry. With a no-sales policy, this means starting conversations about industry trends, plus sharing ideas among people in the same business categories. It’s like a convention in a much more relaxed environment, and without fees. Since Austin is already a major hub for technology, it’s a chance for you to connect with real influential people without intimidation. So how do you sign up for Pints and Pixels? You’ll find a lot to like once you become a member. Visit our site┬áto learn more.

Joining Our Group

You can sign up for Pints and Pixels for free through our “Join Us” button. You’ll be able to do this directly through Facebook so you can better connect with our community. It’s possible to sign up through Google as well to make sign-ins easier. Since I founded this meetup back in February, we’ve managed 71 members to date with two past meetups. For those first two meetings back in March, we encouraged attendees to wear name tags so everyone could identify one another. These were successes and integrated many in the local Austin community who work hard to create new products that could potentially change the world. We’re planning more weekly meetups soon with singular speakers, plus product expert panels. Each session goes on tape and publishes on YouTube for attendees to share online.

Participating in Online Discussions

We’ve also set up a discussion board on the Pints and Pixels site. Our dedicated Slack group, is a separate channel that allows product designers to further collaborate on ideas and discuss trends. You’ll be able to enjoy a more tight-knit group here for serious brainstorming. You can sign up for the Slack channel through this link, and we’re always on the lookout for public opinion on how to continue to grow.

Future Categories On Pints and Pixels

Recently, I added some other categories on the main site, including a place to post polls to gauge opinion about individual product ideas. Other future categories include bringing sponsors in to help support our group, even though we haven’t gone there yet. We had a file upload section for a while. Now we recommend any files you upload go through our Photos section, or directly through Google Drive and Dropbox.

Supporting Your Local Meetup

To the left of the Pints and Pixels main page, we have a “Chip In” button you can select if you wish to donate to our cause. As we continue to grow, financial support means a lot, even if not required. Once you see how valuable this type of networking is, you’ll see it’s worth every penny that you can offer. At the same time, we want you to invite others to join so we continually prove the strength of Austin in product innovation.